An Amazing Voltron Hoodie, No Assembly Required

An Amazing Voltron Hoodie, No Assembly Required

Completing the triad of 80s cartoon and toy perfection, Voltron proudly stood alongside G.I. Joe and the Transformers as the best ways for a kid to relax on a Saturday morning after a long week of school. And since the holidays are just around the corner, if you know someone still holding a candle for a childhood accompanied by five transforming robot lions, this detailed Voltron hoodie is pretty much the best thing you could put under the tree.

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The truth about Samsung Knox for Android security

The truth about Samsung Knox for Android security

Credit: Alexander Shirokov

It was February 2013 when Samsung announced Knox, its containerization technology for higher-end Samsung Android devices. Knox is meant to create a virtual partition on Android devices that would insulate corporate-managed apps and data from attack, an approach pioneered by smaller companies such as Divide but not generally used in mainstream companies.

Knox is Samsung’s way to get past IT’s legitimate concerns over Android’s generally weak security and join Apple’s iOS and BlackBerry in the golden circle of trustworthy mobile devices. iOS is a sandboxed operating system, so it’s natively designed to prevent interapplication malware and data leaks; the BlackBerry 10 OS goes further, with an explicit containerization technology called Balance that the company’s proprietary management server can enable.

[ Mobile security: iOS vs. Android vs. Samsung SAFE vs. BlackBerry vs. Windows Phone. | Keep up on key mobile developments and insights via Twitter and with the Mobilize newsletter. ]

Fast-forward nine months. Though Samsung regularly touts Knox, the U.S. Defense Dept. certified it for government use, several vendors tout their support of it, and there’ve been many stories in the technology press describing it as a here-and-now option, the truth is it doesn’t fully exist. When it does finally become available later this fall, enterprises will discover an unpleasant fact: You have to pay to use it, on top of the subscription fees charged by your mobile device management vendor.

What you need to actually use Knox
To use Knox, your device must support its virtualization technology at the hardware level, which restricts Knox to these Samsung devices: the Galaxy Note 3 “phablet,” the Galaxy S III smartphone, the Galaxy S 4 smartphone, and the 2014 model of the Galaxy Note 10.1 tablet. Today, the Note 3 and S4 can run Knox, but only on some carriers’ models: Sprint and Verizon for the S 4; AT&T and Verizon for the Note 3, if you install their Premier Suite updates. The Wi-Fi-only Note 10.1 also runs Knox.

Samsung says it will deliver updates to make Knox work on the S III and on other carriers’ S 4 and Note 3 versions, but it also notes that each carrier decides when and if Knox compatibility is made available for the devices on its network. Not only do few devices support Knox, the carrier you use determines when or if those devices will actually be able to work with Knox. (Welcome to the fractured mess that is Android!)

You also need the Knox application and its included set of client apps, such as for email. That’s only recently been made available in the Google Play store for download.

You need a Knox-compatible mobile management server, for which you pay a monthly fee per user to manage Android and iOS devices; the fee depends on the management features you select. You cannot use Knox with Microsoft’s Exchange server, though it supports a base set of MDM protocols used by Apple and Google and is thus the “free” approach to MDM.

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A look at Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood

A supporter of Egypt’s ousted President Mohammed Morsi chants slogans against the Egyptian Army outside of a police academy compound were the trial of ousted President Mohammed Morsi is held in Cairo, Egypt, Monday, Nov. 4 2013. After four months in secret detention, Egypt’s deposed Islamist president defiantly rejected a court’s authority to try him Monday, saying he was the country’s “legitimate” leader and those that overthrew him should face charges instead. The trial was then adjourned until Jan. 8 after several interruptions.(AP Photo/Manu Brabo)

A supporter of Egypt’s ousted President Mohammed Morsi chants slogans against the Egyptian Army outside of a police academy compound were the trial of ousted President Mohammed Morsi is held in Cairo, Egypt, Monday, Nov. 4 2013. After four months in secret detention, Egypt’s deposed Islamist president defiantly rejected a court’s authority to try him Monday, saying he was the country’s “legitimate” leader and those that overthrew him should face charges instead. The trial was then adjourned until Jan. 8 after several interruptions.(AP Photo/Manu Brabo)

(AP) — Egypt’s first freely elected president, Mohammed Morsi, appeared in court Monday on charges of inciting murder during December clashes at the presidential palace in Cairo. The trial is part of a wide-scale crackdown on his Muslim Brotherhood by the military-backed government after the nation’s top general removed Morsi on July 3 following nationwide protests.

Here is a look at some of key history of the Muslim Brotherhood group:

— The Muslim Brotherhood group was founded in 1928 by a school teacher-turned-Islamic ideologue Hassan al-Banna in the Suez Canal city of Ismailia. He advocated spreading Islam by from raising up a “Muslim individual, then a Muslim family, then a Muslim society” based on Islamic teachings to pave the way for the establishment of a worldwide Islamic state that knows no borders.

— Its motto is “Islam is the solution” and its emblem has two crossed swords above a Quran on a green field.

— The Brotherhood has a strong hierarchical structure, starting with the top leader — called the “general guide,” whom members vow to “hear and obey”— down through regional administrators to the base of small “families” made up of small numbers of members. The General Guidance Bureau serves as its main executive body, and a body known as the Shura Council serves as a form of general assembly.

— It also runs a large network of charities, hospitals and social services that help build its grass-roots support. Businesses owned by Brotherhood members help finance the movement.

— While based in Egypt, the Brotherhood has branches in dozens of countries, including the Palestinian militant group Hamas, now ruling the Gaza Strip. Its Tunisian arm dominated elections there after the 2011 ouster of autocrat Zine El Abidine Ben Ali.

— The Brotherhood in its early years had an armed wing, the “Special Organization,” to fight British colonialists and Israelis. It was implicated in assassination of Egyptian Prime Minister Mahmoud Fahmi al-Nokrashi in 1948 after he outlawed the group. Two months later, al-Banna was assassinated in Cairo.

— After Egypt’s 1952 military coup, the Brotherhood was accused of an assassination attempt against President Gamal Abdel-Nasser. Authorities responded by executing prominent Brotherhood ideologue Sayyed Qutb and imprisoning thousands of other members in what the group calls its “first agony.”

— After nearly a decade in prison and exile, the group witnessed a revival in the 1970s under then-President Anwar Sadat, who tolerated the Brotherhood and used it as a counterweight to leftist opponents. The group formally foreswore violence. Youth groups became a pool for new cadres. After the 1979 peace accords with Israel, Sadat was assassinated by Islamic militants, many influenced by Qutb’s hard-line teachings.

— Under the nearly 30-year rule of autocrat Hosni Mubarak, the Brotherhood saw various phases of toleration and repression. It struck deals to enjoy a margin of freedom that allowed it to create its networks. But when authorities felt it had gone too far, they would launch crackdowns, arresting members and trying leaders before military courts. Though still outlawed, the Brotherhood became the country’s strongest opposition political group, running candidates in elections as independents, and winning a fifth of parliament’s seats in 2005.

— After Mubarak’s ouster in 2011, the Brotherhood formed a political party for the first time, the Freedom and Justice Party. It emerged the biggest winner in parliament election, using its grass-root network to bring out voters. It took almost half the lower house’s seats, while other Islamists took another quarter of the seats, and together they held nearly all the seats in the upper house. After Morsi’s election victory with just under 52 percent of the vote, Brotherhood members dominated his government and other posts. Critics accused the Brotherhood’s leadership of being the true decision-makers for Morsi, a claim his administration denied.

Associated PressSource:
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Megan Hilty Marries Brian Gallagher in Las Vegas Wedding! (Photos)

‘Sean Saves the World’ star Megan Hilty married her boyfriend Brian Gallagher in Las Vegas at the Venetian chapel. She shared the news and pictures via Twitter and Instagram! People was the first to report on the Las Vegas wedding of the 32-year-old former ‘Smash’ star Megan Hilty and the 33-year-old Broadway actor and singer Brian Gallagher, noting that it was an “intimate ceremony.” After the story broke, Hilty Tweeted: “I married the love if my life tonight at The Venetian Chapel in Las Vegas!!!!! @BrianGGallagher @VenetianVegas #HeLikedItSoHePutaRingOnIt” She also posted photos on Instagram which you can see above and below, as the couple display their wedding rings. US Weekly has a few more details directly from Hilty who said: “We shared a perfect weekend with our family. To us it’s more about the marriage than the actual wedding, which is why we decided to skip the whole engagement thing. We couldn’t be happier!” She went on to explain that the attendees were only their immediate family whom the called a week before the ceremony was to take place. “We invited everyone but didn’t expect anyone to show up since it was so last minute but they did! It was […]Source:
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Russian officials file new charges against Navalny

(AP) — Russia’s main investigative agency says it has filed new theft and money laundering charges against opposition leader Alexei Navalny and his brother.

The Investigative Committee said in a statement Tuesday that Navalny and his brother Oleg are accused of stealing more than 30 million rubles (more than $940,000) from a commercial company.

Navalny dismissed the charges as politically motivated.

In July, he was convicted of embezzlement in a separate case, but a court suspended his five-year sentence earlier this month. Navalny won 27 percent of Moscow’s mayoral vote in September, finishing a strong second behind the Kremlin-backed incumbent and cementing his positions as Russia’s No. 1 opposition leader.

He was a key driving force behind massive protests in Moscow against Vladimir Putin’s return to the Russian presidency.

Associated PressSource:
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Which iPad Air did you get today? [Poll]

iPad Air day is drawing towards its conclusion, and hopefully by now everyone who was planning to pick one up on launch day – wherever you might be in the world – has had chance to. But now, we want to hear from you and find out which model you picked up in the end? We’ve been talking about how to decide which is the best model for you since the iPad Air first launched, but for many today was the time to put the talking to an end.

The iPad Air launch for pretty much everyone has been much smoother and less stressful than last months iPhone 5s launch. Stock seems to have been plentiful pretty much everywhere, and with in-store pickups and availability stretching to a number of third-party retailers as well, perhaps more of you actually found yourselves grabbing one today instead of waiting a while? Planned, off the cuff, whichever it may have been, which iPad Air did you get today?

Myself, I picked up a 16GB wifi in black, going against all my own advice. There is a story behind it, which I talked about with Rene Ritchie and Derek Kessler on the special iPad Air launch day edition of the iMore Show – so check it out for the full skinny – and aside from having second thoughts now about which iPad is for me and potentially swapping up to a larger size, I’m pretty happy with the choice I made. The Space Gray color on the rear of the black iPad Air is really nice, and I don’t have any regrets over not going for the white one.

So if you grabbed an iPad Air today, pick out your selection from the list up top and let us know why you went with it in the comments below!

iPad Air

iPad Air
Apple’s full-sized iPad gets slimmed down. Features include:

Complete preview >

November, 2013

Retina iPad mini, iPad 2

iPad Air 2 (iPad 6)
Fall, 2014

Buyers guide
Help forum


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It’s Finally Safe to Make Your Friends Use Twitter

It's Finally Safe to Make Your Friends Use Twitter

The Twitterscape has evolved steadily in the last five years, but maybe never more significantly than in the last week. With the addition of photo/video previews and inline interactions nestled directly into the tweets themselves, it’s a whole other playing field—one your Twitter-phobic friends will actually like. Here’s how to ease them in.

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