Which iPad Air did you get today? [Poll]

iPad Air day is drawing towards its conclusion, and hopefully by now everyone who was planning to pick one up on launch day – wherever you might be in the world – has had chance to. But now, we want to hear from you and find out which model you picked up in the end? We’ve been talking about how to decide which is the best model for you since the iPad Air first launched, but for many today was the time to put the talking to an end.

The iPad Air launch for pretty much everyone has been much smoother and less stressful than last months iPhone 5s launch. Stock seems to have been plentiful pretty much everywhere, and with in-store pickups and availability stretching to a number of third-party retailers as well, perhaps more of you actually found yourselves grabbing one today instead of waiting a while? Planned, off the cuff, whichever it may have been, which iPad Air did you get today?

Myself, I picked up a 16GB wifi in black, going against all my own advice. There is a story behind it, which I talked about with Rene Ritchie and Derek Kessler on the special iPad Air launch day edition of the iMore Show – so check it out for the full skinny – and aside from having second thoughts now about which iPad is for me and potentially swapping up to a larger size, I’m pretty happy with the choice I made. The Space Gray color on the rear of the black iPad Air is really nice, and I don’t have any regrets over not going for the white one.

So if you grabbed an iPad Air today, pick out your selection from the list up top and let us know why you went with it in the comments below!

iPad Air

iPad Air
Apple’s full-sized iPad gets slimmed down. Features include:

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November, 2013

Retina iPad mini, iPad 2

iPad Air 2 (iPad 6)
Fall, 2014

Buyers guide
Help forum


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